New Wave Infinity

Melbourne’s most ambitious creative collective

Melbourne’s most ambitious creative collective

New Wave Infinity

New Wave Infinity is a Melbourne based creative collective aiming to produce high quality music, videos and multimedia content, inspired by the everchanging scope of today's creative industries.

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Commercial Videography Services

New Wave Commercial

New Wave Commercial’s founding principals are authenticity and innovation. Our team is comprised of five diverse video and photographic specialists, aiming to create a wholly new class of digital marketing.

Authenticity rules in the digital climate. As five digital natives, we know that authentic self-presentation online is key to building a social platform. We aim to represent what genuinely sets your brand apart from the competition in our uniquely engaging visual style.

Our dedication to authenticity also means keeping you closely engaged throughout every step of the production process, in terms which create rapport rather than distancing.

Innovation is synonymous with the New Wave brandname. New Wave Infinity has amassed a growing, engaged following due to our reputation for producing innovatory multimedia content. We aim to bring our learnings from growing the New Wave brandname to you through our modern creative packages.

Emerging from an extensive background in social marketing, we are excited to present an entirely new, costeffective strategy to elevate your brand to the next level.

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